Choose From Our Amazing Range of Bedroom Furniture Handles

9th December 2015

Our extensive range of bedroom furniture handles has something for all styles of bedrooms. Most of our handles come free, one with each door or drawer. But there are a select few premium handles which have more deluxe materials or designs and cost just a little bit extra. Take a browse through our brochure to see the whole range, but here are a few of our favourites…

A simple bar handle is a great way to finish off some contemporary robes. There are a few choices to pick from: black, matt black and nickel. These bedroom furniture handles are good for evoking the industrial chic style that is so popular right now. There is also an angled version of the nickel bar handles, which can lend a more contemporary edge to this style.

If you’re looking for bedroom furniture handles that will really make a difference to your furniture, try the brushed chrome handles. These handles have a chunky but sleek design and are good to match with any finish.

The traditional knob handle goes perfectly with our classic style furniture. However, they can also be used to add a traditional twist to any of our contemporary finishes.

These modern handles have a routered geometric pattern. They are also available in our Mallard Bathrooms range, if you wanted to create a co-ordinating look throughout the home.

Looking to add some sparkle to your bedroom? Look no further than the diamante bar handle. These handles are also great for kids’ rooms – adding a little bit of magic!

The stylish pattern combined with the chunky and thick design makes these handles great for giving something extra to the room!

Look through our brochure for the full range of bedroom furniture handles, so you can choose the right ones for you to finish your room’s new look off!